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How Grounded Are The Concerns Of Neighbors Amid Mujahideen Advances…?

14 November 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The Mujahidin of Islamic Emirate recently made big advancements across the country and specifically in the northern provinces, taking over a provincial capital and bringing other close to collapse. Only yesterday in the series of these conquests Ghomrach district was liberated and 22 regime soldiers including the police chief Majid Galim were detained, completely clearing around 50 districts out of the total 320 from the presence of Arbaki militia embedded within the Kabul regime setup.

However many so-called Afghan media outlets funded by the invaders and copying their masters began fueling fears internationally and inside their own borders with poisonous propaganda, trying to maliciously stoke the sensitivities of people against the Mujahidin.

They are trying to spin the advances of Mujahidin in the north with ridiculous claims by describing it as the work of Pakistan in an effort to conceal their own defeat and at the same time break the hearts of the nation away from the Taliban.

A second point which the media really emphasized upon was that the advances of the Taliban should put the central Asian countries on red alert. Fortunately such enemy claims are nothing out of the ordinary rather the Islamic Emirate faced the exact same negative propaganda during its reign which unfortunately did startle our neighbors to some extent as they begun feeling a sense of danger from the Taliban.

However the Islamic Emirate from the days of its initiation has repeatedly declared its policy in very clear terms, our conquests and struggle is not against any neighbor, we are only sacrificing for the establishment of an independent Islamic government in our land and for the security and prosperity of our people. And it has practically proven this claim by having never interfered in the internal affairs of anyone and neither is it our policy. The world has now understood that the Islamic Emirate does not believe in destructive politics, whatever it says, it proves it on the ground as well, it never deals in two-faced dishonest politics.

Therefore propaganda of the west must never negatively impact the future relations between us and our neighbors. The Islamic Emirate once again declares and assures that our neighbors should never feel a sense of worry from us.

The last statement by the Political Office of Islamic Emirate is a clear proof in this regard. Similarly the Islamic Emirate can relieve the concerns of all its neighbors rather every country around the world through its Political Office.

The malicious enemy propaganda will never have the desired effect on the military and political advancements of the Islamic Emirate, Allah willing. 


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