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Fort Hood: The Texas Incident Is Manifestation Of Resentments

15 November 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

A Muslim military officer at an American military base in Fort Hood, with his two colleagues opened fire on soldiers, killing 13 and injuring 31 others. This attack has sent jittery among the echelons of the American army. American congress observed one minute silence following the incident and Barack Obama called it the most shocking event of history. Pentagon Spokesman showed concern that it might blaze a trail for more untoward incidents.

Media sources say this audacious Palestinian, Nidal Hassan, was psychiatrist in the American army and for the last four years, he treated soldiers who had returned from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Media reports quote that he raised the cry of "Allah Hu Akbar" (God is Greatest) before opening fire. Nidal Hassan was wounded but now his condition is stable. The American government closed the base after the incident and people living in vicinity of the base, have moved to other places.

Some analysts believe that the American military officer may have resorted to such an attack because of mental pressure and psychological disease that he was suffering as a result of the intensifying wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many American soldiers are not ready to go to the battlefields in these countries.

This is a natural reaction and resentment against the brutalities, atrocities, bombardment and tortures of prisoners at the hand of the American soldiers in these two Muslim countries. The American army has killed hundred of thousands of miserable Afghans and Iraqis during the past eight years as a result of an unjustified and arrogant wars. Hundreds of thousands have been wounded and million of them made homeless. Thousands of American soldiers have been killed or maimed as a result as well. These shocking casualties and sufferings have awakened the conscience of these soldiers, asking themselves why miserable people should fall prey to a war started under unknown reasons, people who are living in an different continent and have not directly done any thing wrong against American interests but still the Americans mercilessly target them.

The Texas event in American military base shows that if the American rulers continue their aggressive policy and fail to pull out of the prideful land of Afghanistan and Iraq, other similar incidents may occur in other military bases and barracks of America. Those who have a humane conscience and mercy will show their reaction in the shape of a mutiny.



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