Enemy Will Face an Exemplary Strike once More - Afghan Mujahidun Warn

13 December 2009

By Qari Muhammad Yousuf & Al-Ikhwah al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Thursday, the invading enemy showed some movements in surrounding areas of their military garrison in Nawzad district in Helmand province. They brought a great number of tanks and additional troops. Then their military spokesmen announced that they had launched military operations in north Helmand similar to the previous operation under the name of sword.

Ironically, some electronic and print media reports speak of victory of the operation despite having no correspondence in the area. They announce that the invaders have captured a vast swath of land from Mujahideen. However, the ground realities are against what they claim. This remind us of the media reports at the time of commencement of the military operations in Helmand named Sword when local and world media was raising high fanfare. After passage of a few days, their predictions, analysis and results of the operations proved to be contrary to what they had been saying. The media became tight- lipped and fell silent out of a sudden. We believe the current operation in Nawzad will face the same consequence as that of the Sword’s.

Local Mujahideen say, though the enemy has come out of its military garrison but have lost tanks as a result of mine blasts upon entering areas under the control of Mujahideen. In Kushk and Jazi area, many tanks of the enemy have been destroyed by mines explosions and as a result of attacks of Mujahideen. The enemy also had soul and material loss in Alizai and Sheikhzai areas. Last Saturday, heavy fighting was continuing between Mujahideen and the invaders which resulted in the killing of tens of enemy soldiers.

Mujahideen from the area say, the movements of the enemy forces have been halted now and they have made no advancement in the last few days.

Furthermore, they are having jittery because of the constant attacks of the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen in Helmand have made preparations to hamper the enemy plans.

If we analyze this operation of the enemy in light of their previous operations, we can say these are just propaganda-oriented campaigns launched for media consumption. On ground, they have no impact and their results will be worse than those of the last operations.

We call on international and local media to avoid publishing empty analysis, predictions, judgments and spreading rumors about the operation. Such attitudes on the part of the media will only damage its reputation but practically will have no impact on the results of the operations.



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