Cobra’s Anger Will Lead To Great Regrets - Afghan Mujahidun Warns

14 December 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Last week, the invading and brutal foreign armies stationed in Helmand, launched vast operations in Nawzad district and a few other areas of the province. Since then, they have been prosecuting, torturing and harassing common people of this land of the Mujahideen (Helmand) under operations christened Cobra’s Anger. Still, according to recent reports from the province, the invaders have not gained any remarkable success, nor they have been able to destroy any stronghold of the Mujahideen as yet. Similarly, the foreign forces have not taken any area of vital importance to Mujahideen militarily. So far, they have been roaming in empty deserts. Despite that, they constantly claim of having captured kilometers of areas from the Opposition.

It is an immovable fact that the Mujahideen of Helmand province like Mujahideen of other areas of the country have given exemplary lessons to the brutal forces of the invaders during the past eight years particularly during the past six months that they should expectedly not have dared to throw down the gauntlet again or in other word to test the pious people of this land once more. But the moribund foreign forces want to show some achievements at the field because they are facing humiliation and taunt from their public and from rival countries of the West. They ask them why you are losing the ground in face of a small country, being under- armed and ill-equipped people-- still more your cutting-edge technology have been failed to hit the mark. They are now confused and unfortunately, not able to ponder over the results of their previous military operations.

Rationally, in the light of the ground realities, they should have reached the conclusion that their next operations will bring in nothing except failure and that ultimately, they will not be able to avoid their historical defeat or could not at least superficially save their face.

One can draw from their naming of Cobra’s Anger that the enemy has lost its hope of victory and is waiting for the day of retreat and route. Therefore, they are taking it on the miserable and defenseless common Afghans to present it to their people as a military victory. Thus they can tell people back home that though we lost thousands of soldiers in Helmand province-- the land of Mujahideen--but we also killed their people including children and women.

In our view, the operations now going in Helmand is a mistake which has already been repeated. All their ploys and war stratagems are doomed to failure and lacks to achieve any objective. In general, their military strategies are not practicable.

The barbarism and brutalities perpetrated by the invaders during the past eight years did not give them any victory nor did they achieve any tangible result. It is now for the generals and rulers of America and Britain not to push their soldiers into the mouth of death for realization of strategies that have already been tested and failed, nor they should shed the blood of the oppressed and miserable Afghans in order to conceal their eventual defeat. Still if they are bent on continuing their brutalities and want to vent their anger on the people, they will inevitably have great regrets.



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