Obama’s Repeated Strategy Will Bring in Infamy for America

16 December 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Negative response by American Allies and Coalition countries to send more troops to Afghanistan, forced Obama to take up the burden himself. It is because a growing number of America’s Allies now believe the Afghan issue has no military solution.

Naming it a new strategy for Afghanistan, Obama is now trying to make it a success. It is his moribund attempt to fix the situation and put a clout on the sagging morale that their troops are suffering from and cover up the ground realities in Afghanistan for some time.

In less than one year that Obama has assumed the helms of affair, he was compelled to frame a new strategy for Afghanistan once again. Their bragging aside, the ground realities in Afghanistan speak otherwise. They have no control over the rural areas which, in our view, this tantamounts to America’s failure and fiasco in this ancient land of the Afghans. Rationally, he should not have repeated his already failed strategy by resorting to troops surge in Afghanistan. Rather, it would have been in the benefit of Washington if they had taken their decision in the light of the realities on ground.

Though, in his speech, while announcing the strategy, Obama admitted that they are not able to bear the burden of the war, and that wars expenditures in Afghanistan and Iraq had exceeded one trillion dollars; he also announced that American troops will start withdrawing from Afghanistan after 18 months. But still, the troops surge in itself is a sign of enmity of America and Obama with the people of Afghanistan.

The public of the world know that Obama and America got only caskets as consequence of their previous strategy for Afghanistan, particularly, during the past six months, not a day has passed in the past months, without death of dozens of invading soldiers. Documentary commentaries and analysis by media reveal that the past six months were some of the gruesome and sanguinary days for the Americans, Britain's and their Allies. During this period, the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan gained more strength and expanded control over vast swathe of land in the country.

Obama wants to continue his already failed strategy in a new shape and manner by sending 30,0000 troops to Afghanistan. Some Allies of America agree with the Afghan people that the domineering arrogance of America must break into smithereens in Afghanistan. The unipolar mastership of America should be buried up in Afghanistan-- the graveyard of empires.

Therefore, America should re-ponder over the fate of former Soviet Union which had sent more troops to Afghanistan than the Americans have sent to the country. Their followers and surrogates were more in number and war-hardened than the America’s but Afghanistan has always proved to be a graveyard of the world’s invaders and colonialists. America should wait this crucial time for similar fate in the country. History always favored this people with the honor of laying the cornerstone of disintegration and fall of empires.

It is clear that Obama and his team want to intensify the war in Afghanistan and achieve their expansions goals in the region through the use of force. However, they should ponder over their atrocities and savageries in the past eight years and what they obtained as a result except that they gave rise to wrath and resentments of the Afghans and created growing sensitivities against the invading forces.

The Afghans are war-hardened people and are on guard against the machinations of the enemy. They have preparations for a good fight with the enemy in every part of the country. We believe that with the help of God (SwT), the new strategy of Obama will face failure and fiasco like the previous one. Not only that. It will accompany great military and historical loss for the Americans. Inshaallah.



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