Karzai Policy is Tuned to Protect American Interests - Afghan Mujahidun

16 December 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Like past eight years, the kowtowing gestures by Karzai at the swearing-in ceremony speech, proved once more that he and his working team have no guts to go against interests and orders of America and other invading forces. They willingly prefer aims, and demands of the foreigners to supersede over the interests and values of the Afghans.

Karzai had no word in his next five year plan about the withdrawal of the foreign forces. Even ostensibly, he did not raise a finger to protect national independence and religious values. Contrarily, he was all appreciation for the foreign forces stationed in the country. Even he praised and supported the brutalities perpetrated by the invading forces in the country, urging them to continue their bestialities in the coming five year: the blind bombardments, the raids on people’s houses, and detainment of common innocent and miserable Afghans and packing them into Bagram, Kandahar and other open and secret prisons of America. Lastly, to continue the cultural offensive of Christianity and democracy against the culture and values of the Afghans—the democracy culture which is largely based on nudity.

Karzai repeatedly expressed his words of condolence to the Americans and other countries for the murder of their troops who have been killed during performance of their brutalities in Afghanistan but he did not say a word about the 120,000 Afghans who have been killed by aerial bombardment, and other reprisal operations by the foreign forces. Nor he mentioned the Afghans --- more than one million-- who have suffered as a result of the atrocities of the invading forces in Afghanistan during the past eight years. They are those Afghans who have been tortured in prisons, injured, became handicapped, lost their homes or faced various savageries.

In the eyes of Karzai and his coronies, the blood of the Afghan is cheaper than the blood of the foreigners. However, the Afghan people firmly believe that the Almighty Allah SwT) will take the revenge of the oppressed and miserable Afghans on the murderers.

In this land of the prouds, they will, ultimately, face their retribution like the British and Russian invaders faced it. Their army will be routed, killed wounded and some moribund will flee. Signs of such phase have been appearing. American, British, German, Canadian, Australian and French rulers who have sent their troops to Afghanistan as a part of their Evil Alliance speak of fiasco in Afghanistan. They say, now is the time of exit from the country and further stay in Afghanistan is tantamount to suicide and perdition.

In these conditions of defeat of the invaders, Britain has embarked on a clandestine game, trying to save their lives in Afghanistan and urge other countries, particularly the Americans, not to take any hasty decision about the withdrawal of their troops.

Observers believe, Britain wants to entangle the Americans in Afghanistan, weaken them and put an end to their political and economic domination over the world. Thus the British will remain the only power without immediate rival to expand its empire over the world.

Practical lessons from the past years teach us that Afghans have never been subjugated by ploys, coercions and brutalities of America, NATO and their Allies. The Karzai Administration has not been able to expand and maintain its writ beyond limits of the Arg palace. Now Karzai and his masters should listen that they will not be able to expand their writ in the prevalent conditions while the morale of their foreign masters is the lowest and his funding has been tapering down.

The Afghans are not ready to accept the Kabul Administration as a legitimate administration or be misled by his quasi-pronged policy and shallow words.



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