The CIA Digs A Grave For America In Yemen: The Mujahidun Warning

17 December 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Author: Bakhasrov Ankalov

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Al Qaeda leads the world Power America to its fate, and drags it to a new grave that leaves no parasite except that it swallows it, it is Yemen, the land that stood defiant before all occupation and turned their plans to memories.

It is not expected of the American people to understand the conspiracies of the Big companies which run their country and whose finance depends on lighting the fire of war and conflicts, because it is so drunken away from what its leaders are doing of dragging them a hopeless drag towards flames and the end would be the fate of the former Soviet Union.

The state of the Soviet Union is apparent before everyone, disintegration, separation and collapse in different fields, while earlier, it was, as you know, in a station of power and control. But then it left what was in its hands and was lured by what was above the tree, it did not protect what was in its hand, and couldn’t even get what was above the tree. Thus it became a victim of its conflict with a single nation and that is the defiant nation of Afghanistan.

And the question that remains, and to which it is necessary for the thinkers amongst the people of America to pay attention is, “what will be the condition of America and Allah has guided Al Qaeda to persuade it into a war with all the Muslims even in its very country and its very fortified base (Fort Hood)?

The result of the American interference

- It interfered in Vietnam, and then came out without achieving a single victory and the reports revealed of mindboggling number of deaths and losses in the American army.

- It interfered in Afghanistan to destroy terrorism which was a produce whose shadow only hovered over Afghanistan. The leaders and politicians of the Soviet Union warned it from that and Sheikh Osama bin Laden said to one of the American journalists that America needs a President who returns them behind the waters, but they did not think about it even a mere contemplation so that now, in 2009, we hear that terrorism has become a produce that every Muslim wants to own even in America and the American president Obama is looking for an honorable exit from the Afghan trap

- it interfered in Iraq, during the rule of Saddam who did not pose even the basest level of threat to America and now we read the American report after entering the Jihadi line with a power that sympathizes with Afghanistan and it reads that if Afghanistan is the school of terrorism then Iraq is the University of terrorism

- it interfered in Somalia two times- First ; in the beginning of 90s and they named it “returning of hope” and they left it after the Somali people dragged the bodies of their soldiers with an anchor of gloom in their hearts and failure controlling their spirits

- Second- after the Islamic Courts were setup with its members being a mixture of methodologies and actions with the aim of spreading peace, justice and stopping the bleeding of the Somali people. America interfered with its planes by air, and with its slaves from the Ethiopian army, by land, and what did it gain? It helped in the establishment of a stronghold for the Mujahideen with a sound methodology and Aqeedah of monotheism (Youth Mujahideen Movement) who want to establish the Islamic rule and liberate Palestine

The reason for these results is that the organized armies no matter how great they are and the planes no matter how much it carries and fires of rockets it will not succeed in defeating nations if they uprise and the bombarding of planes can not decide a battle for nations by their nature hate occupiers and uprise against them. As for Muslims then their religion makes it mandatory upon them to fight the enemy occupying their lands

As for Yemen, then its case is no different from the Afghan nation just as its land is not different from Afghanistan, and that’s why its uprising is not going to be limited to the tribal areas nor the major cities (Sana’a- Hadeeda- Ta’z- Adan- Hadramout) instead its uprising will engulf the entire Arabian Peninsula and the fighters will come to it from everywhere just as fighters will come out of it to everywhere to aid against the war on Muslims, and the bright picture of Afghanistan, Waziristan and Iraq and Somalia whose Amirs threatened to send battalions to knock the bases of Kufr will repeat itself.

The fate of the American interference in Yemen

Its nothing new for American spy crafts to violate the Yemeni airs and fly daily over Maarib and Shabwa and Abeen and Jauf and the areas of the Sunnis in Saadah as if it is moving about in its own provinces and it is not farfetched for it to fire its rockets on any target which would probably be a civilian target as in 2002 it violated in the Yemeni airs and transgressed the sanctity of the tribal areas and fired rockets on a car that carried 6 heroes from the Muslims with the blessings of the Yemeni government.

And if the direct interference from America in Yemeni matters was done during the rule of the biased communist party then such a decision that might have come from the whims of the Pentagon and the investigation and intelligence offices would have been acceptable. And if this interference of the US would have come during the rule of President Ali Abdullah As Saleh on all the areas of Yemen then too it would have been acceptable in the shadow of peoples indulgence with their living crisis but what it is unbelievable for it to interfere in the shadow of the general uprising of the Islamic Ummah also under the shadow of the militarizing campaign of Al Qaeda of the knights of the Arabian Peninsula for the success of the Muslims project of purifying the holy sites of the Muslims and the Masjid Al Aqsa from the hands of the Jews

And perhaps the overturning days will reveal what the American government is unaware of about the specialty of Yemen whose defiant nation possess from weapons what is enough to face the entire Arab armies as a whole. How is it for the army whose spirits are so low that even one of them can not stand to see the fire of road sides and the detonated belts, the average of it in Yemen is mindboggling if we take into consideration that the fountain of the martyrdom operations in the various fronts are from the sons of the Arabian Peninsula

And if Al Qaeda succeeds after setting up the situation to drag America to Yemen as it succeeded in dragging it to its first grave in Afghanistan then I can say it for sure, that Yemen, by the will of Allah will achieve the pride of ending the greatest Crusade that the history has known and placing it in its worst grave the world history has known

The Leadership is for whom?

There is no Leadership of the Yemeni government on its land instead it’s a land open for those who want to penetrate it in return for money and Al Qaeda talked in one of its statements about the spies of the Saudi government working in it (Yemen) without the knowledge of the Yemeni government and the transportations of the martyrdom operator Abu Khair were entirely secure from any Yemeni government knowledge. This is also what happened with Muhammad AL Aoufi whereof the Yemeni government knew of the news from the Saudi channels

The reports read that there are several elders of the tribal areas who receive their monthly salary from the Saudi government and that the operation of Abu Khair created a stir in them because the Saudi government started believing that there is no use of these and that Al Qaeda has created fear in their hearts.

Who is the Loser? And who benefits?

America serves Al Qaeda when it provides it with the national public support on a plate of gold by its direct interference through air raids and destruction of the houses of the safely living people from women and children. This is Waziristan when America interfered in the line, the number of the martyrdom operators before 2 years increased to 600 martyrdom operators and it became easy for the Mujahideen to enter deep into Pakistan, Islamabad- and the hindrance of fighting against the Pakistani army in the hearts of the people broke away even though earlier the Pakistani nation had championed it and had it not been for the stupid mistakes of America and its direct interference then the Mujahideen would not have harvested such a great national support.

And after America plunged the Pakistani government deep into the confusion, it left it to suffer the attacks of the Mujahideen and the economic drain and we heard the report of the pentagon and the story of the conditional aid to the Pakistani army until there was a rift between the political and military leaderships and no one interceded for Zardari, just as no one interceded for the man who was before him, Musharraf, on their services for the Crusade campaign. Musharraf was expelled and now Obama is warning the second, Zardari for going easy on the terrorists and is demanding more services from him.

The winner in the Pakistani scenario is Taliban of Pakistan and the loser is the Pakistani government and the failure of the American project in Pakistan.

And after the reader brings the policies of America in Pakistan on the Yemeni context then he will realize that Al Qaeda will drown it in martyrdom operations which will pump towards the World nervous system and stop its life force and the Yemeni and Saudi government will then stand between the hammer of Al Qaeda and the plate of stupidity and stubbornness of America

The winner in the scenario is the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula and the loser are the apostate governments and the failure of the American project in the area.

And then America will be forced to withdraw to its country and leave its agents to face their inevitable death.

Translated by Dar Al Murabiteen Publications & By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun



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