Statement From Al-Qaida In The Arabian Peninsula Regarding The Recent Massacre Of The Muslims In Abyan

31 December 2009

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All praise be to Allah, Who honors Islam with His Victory; and Who defeats polytheism by suppressing it; and Who manages matters and affairs with His command; and He Who brings gradually the infidels (into their defeat). He Who has ordained fortunes and misfortunes to revolve among people; and He Who secures the reward for the Mutaqeen (pious people) with His Grace. Peace and prayers are upon he (Prophet Muhammad) with who Allah has raised high the Minaret of Islam with his sword.

To Proceed:

Five U.S. fighter jets have carried out horrific air strikes on innocent Muslims from the Bakazm tribe in the village of Moajala in al-Mohfad district in Abyan province ,after dawn prayers on Thursday the 1st of Muharam 1431 H.

The brutal shelling on the village of Bakazm, resulted in the killing of approximately fifty women and children and men. At the same time they are waging military campaign against the tribes of Arhab, on the pretext of combating terrorism (Islam), and trying to stop the increasing jihadi activities of the proud sons of the tribes of Yemen.

And as we are in front of this great loss we want to send our condolences to our Islamic nation, especially the Bakazm tribes in their loss, and we ask Allah to accept their martyrs, and to bestow upon them patience and persistence on the Truth, "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return" (Baqarah: 156)

The Muslim people saw U.S. unmanned drones patrolling the skies above the Yemen provinces a few months before the massacre, and they are still doing it, in violation of the sanctity of Muslims, and with the connivance of the puppet Government in Yemen, they are spying on the Muslims, and filming them, and killing innocent Muslim people.

This massacre happened with the agreement and coordination from Yemen, the U.S., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the cooperation of other neighboring countries.

And everyone Has seen the congratulations from the commander of the Crusaders, the U.S. President Obama, and the Pharaoh of the Arabs, Hosni Mubarak to the Yemeni President regarding the brutal massacre on Abyan Province. And with the permission of Allah we will release more details about this later.

And in front of this brutal attack, we emphasize the following:

1. That the war on our country is a hateful Zionist-Crusader war, and it is still ongoing, aimed at the elimination of Islam and its people in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya, Waziristan and other Muslim countries.

2. This operation reveals the falsehood of the alleged Western values of democracy and human rights, for they are the ones who are killing innocent civilians with air strikes, and committing genocide.

3. This massacre show us the magnitude of the collaborating by the Yemeni government and the rulers of the Arabian Peninsula supporting the Zionist-Crusader campaign, and they have become a tool in their hands; to kill our Muslim people.

4. The lies by the Yemeni government in their media statements about the massacre, claiming that the attacks are carried out by Yemen, while the Americans acknowledged it was done by Americans.

5. The discourtesy of the Yemeni government with the blood of Muslims, and their lies when they claimed that no civilians were present during the operation. The whole world has seen through the satellite channels, the bodies of women and children, as confirmed by the Director of the Mahvd district: "that the death toll reached forty-nine women, children and citizens."

6. The failure of the joint campaign to achieve its goal to eliminate the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula in Abyan, Sana'a, and Arhab.

7. The proud Arhab tribes managed to stand strong in breaking and repulsing the campaign that was going on in Arhab district, sending the enemy back as filthy losers.

8. We call on the Islamic scholars to fulfill their duty by supporting the killed Muslims in this massacre, and to explain to the people what the Islamic rulings is when you help the Americans to kill your fellow Muslim people.

9. We will not let the blood of Muslim women and children be spilled without taking vengeance for them, with the permission of Allah.

To conclude we call on all proud Yemeni tribes, the people of support and victory, and the citizens of the Arabian Peninsula to face the Crusader's campaign and their agents on the land of Muhammad - peace be upon him - by attacking military bases, embassies and intelligence, and the existing fleets in the waters of the Arabian peninsula and the surrounding territory; so as to stop the repeated massacres on the Muslim countries.

"And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!" (Ash-Shu'ara: 227)

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula
Sunday the 4th of Muharam 1431 H.

Pray for your Mujahideen Brothers

Source: (Al-Fair Media)




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