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14 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

American rulers have announced that they would hand over the charge of the Bargram notorious jail to the puppet Kabul Administration by the end of the current Gregorian year. They have also said that they would give training to the Afghan interrogators and officers.

However, the American rulers did not unveil tens of secret prisons in all part of the country, which are now operational. These prisons are christened as Terrorism Prisons and American PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) special cells where more than 15,000 Afghans have been chafing under squalid and miserable conditions. The Americans should morally have closed the Bagram Prison because it is a place where a prisoner has neither access to legal independent advocates, nor he is allowed to meet his relatives. This is a flagrant violation of human rights and the Geneva conventions, being committed in the prison.

The so-called advocates of human rights in the White House want to keep the oppressed and miserable Afghans in Bagram jail for indefinite period under a new name and concurrently, dodge the criticism of human rights entities and forums because they would have the fake justification that the jail is run and administered by the Kabul stooge Administration.

The crimes and misbehavior of the Kabul regime with the prisoners in Pulli-Charkhi notorious prison is now an open secret. In an already known incident, they tied up the prisoners and killed them by firing rounds of tanks and mortars at close range. A number of miserable prisoners were either killed or injured as a result.

Every month, the prisoners have to go on strike because of the misconduct of those in charge of the prison and even, sometimes, they stitch their lips. An anti-Islamic and anti-human situation is prevailing in the prison where the miserable prisoners have to bear the brunt of an arrogant and oppressive conduct of the jailors.

The same crimes are continuing in all prisons run by the puppet Kabul regime. The Afghans have been festering in these jails for a number of years for a nominal crime, which even the officers of the jail admit, is not an offence. The miserable prisoner has to sell his land or house in order to get himself released by warming the palm of the officers. Even despite that, if he is released after the bribery, he should consider himself lucky.

It seems that the American want to revive the horrible and ruthless memoirs of the Polygon era during the period of the Invasion of the former Soviet Union. They appear to hand over the charge of the Bagram jails to the old butchers of the Polygon who would have an opportunity to give vent to their lingual, ideological, geographical biases by torturing the prisoners. The Afghans know that, up to now, the murderous warlords have hold over government departments. They are the same most hated faces that competed with each other to torture and oppress Afghans at the time of the beginning of the American invasion of Afghanistan.

If the prisons are handed over to these elements who are enemies of the Afghans land and people, no one can expect them any good. Only the squalid conditions of the prisoners will go from bad to worse and the miserable detainees would long for the past.

It is also anticipated that Americans would want to torture the miserable prisoners with impunity at the hand of their flunkeys and simultaneously evade criticism, which are time and against directed against their misconduct with the prisoners.

We call on the White House rulers and the human rights entities that the existence of open and secret prisons by the invaders in the prideful land of the Afghans is an oppressive, illegal and anti-human act. This colonialist phenomenon should end forthwith. The Americans should not throw dust into the eyes of the people under the pretext of handing over the jail to the puppet regime.

This action canít be justified. Contrarily, this anti-human action by the American rulers will remain as a black stigma on the face of Washington and democracy like their other actions. They will only encourage the Afghans to drastically speed up their struggle for the liberation of their lands.



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