Afghan Mujahidun Maintain US General Mc Crystal On The Path Of Defeat At the Hands Of The Lions

20 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The White House nominated its most callous general, General Mc Crystal to command US forces in Afghanistan – ironically, after failure of General Mc Kiernen and Eikenberry in Afghanistan.

Apparently, rulers of the White House announced that the shift at leadership level was aimed at speeding up reconstruction work and ending civilian casualties which are frequently caused by US blind bombardment.

But, Mc. Crystal as a commander, has a black history of assassination and kidnapping. As a Head of Joint Special Operations, he has kidnapped, terrorized and martyred thousands of innocent people in Iraq. Interrogators under Mc. Crystal supervision and command regularly tortured Iraqi Muslim detainees and Mujahideen In NAMA Camp and Abu Gharib jail. These crimes have not been made public so far. On May 11 and 13, 2009, US President Obama issued orders, banning these violence and brutalities to become public. Ostensibly, because of his hostility to Muslims and Islam, Mc. Crystal was appointed by Obama as top commander on the suggestion of General Petraes who is a close friend of General Mc. Crystal.

In general, his presence as chief of American invading forces in Afghanistan has had no impact on the activities of Mujahideen, and it seems, it will have no negative effect on the progress and expansion of Mujahideen activities in the country. However, his appointment as a top general in Afghanistan points to the fact that US has a secret, wicked and long-term program up her sleeve to kidnap and assassinate prominent political and military personalities in Afghanistan and the neighboring countries.

Being true to his brutal record, Mc. Crystal immediately launched a ruthless campaign in rural Afghanistan soon after assumption as top commander. For the past months, the American troops have been carrying out night raids on houses, taking out the inhabitants mercilessly, and killing them on the spot. Such gruesome incidents have taken place in Bagh, Khulbissat and Yaqubi areas of Khust province.

The American Special Forces have killed people in their houses and streets in the said areas and have let loose trained dogs to devour their corpses. Similarly, American brutal forces recently raided people houses in Narang district, Kunar province at night and killed a number of young students of local school. There are reports of similar brutal incidents in Paktika, Paktia, Laghman, Helmand and Kandahar provinces where hundreds of our countrymen have been killed after having been taken out of their houses. Despite these brutality and terrorism shown by forces under Mc. Crystal, they have achieved no victory but contrarily, he has failed in Afghanistan more than his predecessor, General Mc. Kiernen.

In 2009, Mujahideen faced the invading forces in Helmand province with defeat. Earlier, the invaders had launched military operations in the province, named as Khanjar and Panther’s Claws under the command of Mc. Crystal. Even now, the mere mention of the name of Helmand, makes the hairs of soldiers and officials in Washington and London stand on end. Their recent operations in Nawzad district has also failed. A British deputy of Mc. Crystal general Nick Parker says, they have lost initiatives against Taliban.

Mujahideen captured some important American military bases in Kunar and Nooristan provinces. In addition to this, they liberated districts headquarters of Bergmatal and Kamdesh in the said provinces; the Mujahideen killed so many Americans soldiers in Korangal valley that now the American soldiers refer to it as the Valley of Death.

Last year, when Mc. Crystal had the American forces in Afghanistan under his command, the Mujahideen further spread their influence in the country. According to International Council on Security and Development (ICCD), the Mujahideen have influence in 80% of Afghanistan. During the stewardship of general Mc. Keirnen, this figure was 72%. ICCD Chief and Researcher, Mc Donald says Mujahideen spread their influence in Afghanistan with the passage of each day.

Mujahideen attacked the UNAMA Guest House in the capital Kabul where foreign members of election monitoring team were staying. They killed a number of foreign nationals and their internal lackeys. As a result, the United Nations announced to pull out their employees from Afghanistan. The recent brazen martyrdom-seeking attack in Chapman Base in Khust is another sign of victory of the Mujahideen, clearly exposing the failure of the butcher General Mc. Crystal.

To end, we advise Mc. Crystal, his chiefs at the Pentagon and Washington, the clique of the neo-conservatives, that you will not be able to continue the occupation of Afghanistan by resorting to Genghis-style brutality and the framing of new strategies and nominating new generals. Afghanistan is the home of the Afghans. Leave it to the Afghans.

You call yourself as democrats and advocates of human rights, then do not take out innocent people from their houses at night and martyr them. But if you still want to continue with the terror and consider it as a short-cut for your victory, then wait until the massive upheaval of Mujahideen and the people emerge in the coming spring. You will come to know that it is more vast and severe than those in the past.



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