The Office for Supervising the Affair of Foreign Agencies: WFP Must Terminate All Its Operations Inside Somalia

3 March 2010

By Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

WFP Must Terminate all its Operations Inside Somalia

Mogadishu, (14/03/1431H) Effective as of today, all of WFPs operations inside Somalia are terminated and the organisation has been completely banned. This decision has been reached after evaluating the detrimental effect that the organisation's alleged food distribution had on the Somali Muslim population.

The Office for Supervising the Affair of Foreign Agencies (OSAFA) has deemed it imperative to discontinue all the operations of WFP in Somalia after taking the following into account:

  • The extensive complaints by the Somali farmers whose produce failed to find a market due to WFPs importing of large quantities of cheap food only during the harvest season.

  • The organisation's supply of expired food: an inspection of WFP warehouse has uncovered evidence that most of the imported food was out of date and not fiord for human consumption.

  • The spread of diseases as a result of the expired food.

  • The organisation's covert political objectives by the food it imports, such as its assistance to the Ethiopians and the apostates.

After the ban on WFPs imported food, following OSAFAs order, which came into effect on January 1 2010, it has been noted that:

  • The Somali Muslim population has become self-sufficient and capable of cultivating their land. The farmers who where once reluctant to tend to their farms because of the organisation's interference have already begun tilling their lands.

  • The farmers self-sufficiency had now increased as they have found a market for their produce.

  • All the regions previously on the food distribution program were now more productive and thriving.

  • The Zakat collected as a result had covered the needs of all the destitute people.

All Somali persons, businessmen and truck drivers who are currently contracted to or working with WFP are herby instructed to terminate their contracts immediately. Anyone found to be contracted to WFP or known to be working with them after this order has been made public will be deemed an accomplice to the organisation's disingenuous scheme, contributing to the destruction of the Somali economy and treated as such.

The Somali Muslim population is strongly encouraged to work hard and cultivate their own land and to implore Allah alone. They are advised to follow the Islamic guidelines of Zakat in order for their harvest to become fruitful and for them to reach prosperity.

The Office for Supervising the Affair of Foreign Agencies (OSAFA)
Safeguarding the welfare of the Muslim population

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen





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