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Self-same Jirgas Have Been Convened By Former Communists

01 June 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

No question, Afghanistan is a land of jirgas. The Afghans, many a time, have solved their problems through jirgas. However, these jirgas were guardians of vital interests of the country and of religious values. The predecessors Afghans convened jirgas as per their own discretion. There was no room for infiltration of foreign agendas and demands into jirgas.

Ironically, for the last few decades, jirgas have become submissive, essence less, turned into propaganda stunt and pandered to foreign desires. Neither the participants have taken part on their own, nor the jirgas have been convened on the basis of the free will of the people. This is why that the good name of jirgas have been tarnished, their credibility and essence eroded.

Former communists used to utilize this historical and outstanding tradition of the Afghans for the prolongation of their stooge regimes. Babarak Karmal and Najib did convene traditional jirgas. However, the aim was to create split among the ranks of the Afghan jihad and fabricate justification for the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and paint the stooge regimes which were virtually dependent on Russians, as being indigenous and having grassroots foothold. The Russians and their surrogates failed in their conspiracy and achieved nothing. The Jihad gained momentum. The invaders constantly faced fiasco and headed towards historical infamy.

After the invasion of the coalition crusaders under the leadership of America, jirgas were held on the footstep of jirgas held by Babrak Karmal and Najib, ostensibly under the clothing of being indigenous Afghan jirgas. Some jirgas were held abroad and failed consequently. The reason being, they were not Afghan-rooted and void of any hold. Nor they had been convened for the realization of the vital interests of the country. They were convened to serve the needs of the Americans and other foreigners and the conveners were diligently trying to distract the attention of the Afghans from the occupation of Afghanistan by foreigners. Finally, the Jirgas were aimed at garnering support of the Afghans to sustain the Kabul stooge administration.

Now the same replica is in full swing anew. The Americans want to reduce the pressure of the current popular resistance against the foreigners and create a crevice in the ranks of Jihad and resistance.

Surely, this jirga will go nowhere, obviously in view of the facts that:

1. The real and true representatives of the people, chosen on their free will, have no presence in the jirga.

2. The Jirga is being held under political, military and economic pressure of foreign forces.

3. The Karzai Administration and participants of the Jirga have no power of implementation of the Jirga’s resolutions.

The Afghans and the public of the world know that, in case the jirga calls for unconditional withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the Karzai government and members of the Jirga have no binding power to implement it. So what is this jirga for? Only to pull a fast one on people; to waste time and blemish the historical stature of jirgas! More than that, what is it expected to bring in?




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