She Is Not Allowed To Wear Hijab, So How Can She Go Out To Work And Meet Her Needs?

Muslim Man Marrying A Non-Muslim Woman: A Non Muslim Girl In Loves With A Muslim Guy

Will Allaah Punish Mutabarrijat Women Who Make A Wanton Display Of Their Beauty (Tabarruj)?

She Is Married To A Muslim And Hijab Is Putting Her Off Islam: A Christian Woman Asking For Advice About Her Relationship With A Muslim

Confused About A Fatwa On The Ruling On Showing Pictures Of Women's Fashions: Woman Putting Her Picture On Facebook

He Wants To Marry Her But She Does Not Wear Niqaab. Should He Go Ahead And Propose Or Should He Look For Someone Else?

Ruling On Putting Pictures Of Men And Women On Facebook And In Chat Rooms

Elderly Woman Uncovering Her Face Before Non-mahrams: Muslim Society And The Care Of The Elderly

She Became Muslim But Her Family Did Not; Should She Honour Her Family Even Though They Mistreat Her?

How to Safeguard the Islam of Newly Reverted Sister: Duties Of A Muslim Towards A Non-Muslim

Should He Encourage A Relationship Between A Muslim Man And A Kaafir Woman So As To Protect Her From Evil And Call Her To Good?!

Is It Permissible For A Woman To Uncover Her Eyes Unnecessarily?

She And Her Fiancé Committed Some Bad Deeds - Will They Be Forgiven By Getting Married?

He Wants To Commit Haraam Actions Then Repent: Will His Repentance Be Accepted?

Ruling On Extravagance In Wedding Party And Honeymoon: Wedding Feast, Expenses etc.

Is It Obligatory To Have Intercourse On The Wedding Night? Affection And Compassion Between Spouses

If He Asks Her To Say "I Accept So And So As A Husband Before Allaah", Does She Become His Wife?

He Said To His Wife: "You Are Free Of Me When You Get Your Visa": Divorce Three Times In A Moment Of Anger

Who Is The Guardian Of An Illegitimate Daughter When It Comes To Her Getting Married?

She Stopped Watching Movies Then She Watched A Movie By Mistake, And She Is Asking How She Can Stop Watching Them

Her Father Refused To Marry Her To Someone So The Judge Did The Marriage For Her

Who Should Organise The Wedding Feast (Waleemah)? Holding Wedding Party In A Club With Each Family Sitting At A Separate Table

Should He Meet The Needs Of His Kaafir Neighbour? Helping Sinful Neighbours

She Married An American Man Who Announced His Islam, Then He Stopped Praying And Denied That Allah Created The Heavens. What Should She Do?

Advice And Guidelines For Someone Who Cannot Mix With People And Prefers To Stay Home Alone

Should She Take Off Her Hijab Because Of The Harassment That She Is Faced With After The London Bombings?

His Wife Committed Zina Twice With A Christian Man; Should He Divorce Her? If She Apostatises Will There Be Any Sin On Him?

Al-'Ateerah And Rulings Thereon: What Is Al-'ateerah, And What Is The Ruling On It?

Custody Of A Muslim's Children From A Kaafir Wife If He Dies

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Banned In Lebanon: Censoring - What If Muslims

She Wants To Wear Hijab And Her Family Don't Want Her To. Should She Obey Them?

Ruling On The Call For Closeness And Reconciliation Between Religions

Is It Haraam To Marry A Woman Who Cannot Have Children? She Wants To Marry A Kaafir On Paper Only

Ruling On A Sunni Woman Marrying An Ismaili: Ruling On A Muslim Woman Marrying A Shi'i

She Got Married Without Writing The Marriage Contract - Should She Repeat The Marriage?

Does The Prohibition On Isbaal Include Women Too? Does The Girl Who Wears Hijab Have To Cover Her Feet?

He Married Her Unofficially Then Left Her And Went Back To His Homeland

Misyaar Marriage - Definition And Rulings: Stipulating The Presence Of A Guardian (Wali) In Misyaar

He Had A Customary Marriage With Her (Zawaaj 'Urfi) Then He Left Her And Ran Away!

Is It Permissible For A Woman To Write Marriage Contracts? Case Study - Conclusion

Her Husband Forces Her To Tell Him Everything That She Hears From Her Family And Other People!

Effect Of Apostasy On Marriage Before And After Consummation: He Used To Miss Some Prayers..

Is It A Sin To Insult One's Muslim Brother? She Gets Angry Quickly And Curses The Person With Whom She Is Angry

A Christian Woman Is Saying: Why Is It Not Permissible For A Muslim Woman To Marry A Kitaabi Man When The Opposite Is Permitted?

She Wants To Marry A Kaafir On Paper Only: Marrying With The Intention Of Getting Divorced Is Haraam

Rulings On The Call To Unite All Religions: Interfaith Of Three Religions Of Islam, Judaism And Christianity

His Boss Gave Him The Choice Between Reducing His Beard Or Leaving The Job

Types Of Conditions In The Marriage Contract: The Basic Principle For Both Partners

What Is The Ruling On Signing Up For And Participating In Facebook?: Forums May Lead To Fitnah

It Is Not Permissible For A Man To Obey His Parents By Making His Wife Not Wear Niqaab

Ruling On A Woman Being Alone In A Room With An Officer So That She May Get What She Is Entitled To

Will A Woman Who Does Not Wear Hijaab Go To Hell? Despite All Other Good Attributes?

Ruling On A Woman Smiling At Muslim Men From Other Countries To Make Them Feel Welcome

Ruling On Taking Off Hijaab When Travelling Abroad: Uncovering For The Identity When Travelling

Celebrating Valentine's Day: The Muslim's Attitude Towards Valentine's Day

Ill Effects Of Women Taking Part In Chat Rooms: Some Forums Lead To Fitnah Between The Sexes

A Christian Woman Asks About The Prophet's Birthday And What It Means To The Muslims

Friendship And Love Between A Man And A Woman: Pre-marital Relationships Not Permissible

Fasting On His Birthday And On The Birthday Of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Should She Study In A Mixed University Or Should She Stay In A City Without A Mahram And Study In A University That Is Not Mixed?

The Difference Between The Mushrikeen And The Kuffaar, And To Which Category Do The Jews And Christians Belong?

To What Extent Can The Husband's Relatives Interfere In His Wife's Life?

Registering Marriage Officially In Britain: Christian Woman Living With A Muslim Outside Of Marriage

Women Appearing In Front Of Men: A Woman Does not Act as a Mahram for Another Woman

How Did Christianity Become Mixed With Polytheistic Beliefs?

Further Explanation Of The Ruling Which Says That It Is Permissible For Kaafir Women To See Muslim Women Without Hijaab

Effects Of Marriage Resulting From An Illicit Relationship: Case Of Penetration

Rejecting The Sunnah And Praying Behind Someone Who Does: Types Of Denial

She Is Concealing Her Islam From Her Family In China; Can She Visit Them Without Hijab, And Wearing Pants?

Should She Try To Bring Up Her Children In A Muslim Country Or Take Them To Join Her Husband In Britain?

He Formed A Relationship With A Girl Who Is Married And He Wants Her To Get Divorced So That He Can Marry Her

He Wants To Go Back To His Country But There Is War There; Is His Wife Obliged To Obey Him?

What Is The Ruling On Living With A Kaafir Mother? Du'aa' For A Kaafir Father Who Is Sick

Affection And Compassion Between Spouses: What Islam Teaches

She Is Complaining About Her Husband's Attachment To The Society For The Promotion Of Virtue

He Tells Her To Shake Hands With Men And Threatens To Divorce Her If She Does Not Do It

Confused About Women Covering Their Faces (Using The Veil): Hijab Even If To Be Harmed Because Of That

A Jewish Woman Thinking About Embracing Islam: After A Research In The US On Different Religions

A Woman's Maternal Uncle Is A Mahram And It Is Permissible For Him To Be Alone With Her

Should She Wear Hijab Even Though Her Family Will Be Harmed Because Of That?

She Lives In A Mixed Family Home - Should She Wear The Niqaab All Day?

The Ahaadeeth About The Mahdi And The Descent Of 'Eesa (a.s.) Are Not A Reason To Stop (Jihad) Striving

Is It Permissible For Us To Gather On New Year's Eve To Remember Allah, Offer Supplication (Du'aa') And Read Qur'aan?

Should She Delay Marriage So That She Can Complete Memorising The Qur'aan And Strive Hard In Seeking Knowledge?

Ruling On Putting Money On The MasterCard And Then Buying Goods With It

She Makes Cards For Festivals And Sells Them - Is That Permissible

Ruling On The Muslims Celebrating At The Time Of Christmas And Decorating Their Homes With Balloons

Should He Respond To Non-Muslims When They Wish Him A Happy New Year?

Ruling On Celebrating Non-Muslim Holidays And Congratulating Them

Is It Permissible For Him To Sell Gifts That Have To Do With Kaafir Festivals? Muslims And Christmas Bargain Sales

His Company Gives Its Employees A Christmas Bonus: Entering Into Business Partnership With Kuffars

Collecting Donations To Give Gifts To Poor Families At Christmas - Joint Ventures With Kuffars

She Became Muslim But Her Husband Did Not; Is It Allowed For Her Not To Stop Living With Him Because Of His Poor Health And Her Financial Situation?

Ruling On Taking Sinners As Friends - Sins Are Of Two Types

Is Saying To A Kaafir "I Wish You Well" Or "I Wish You All The Best" On His Festival Regarded As Congratulating Him?

A Kaafir Or Evildoer Should Not Be Addressed As Sayyid: Taking Sinners As Friends

Playing Qur'aan In The Audio Chat Room In Which There Is Music

If It Is Permissible For A Woman To Live Alone, Why Can't She Travel Without A Mahram?

Guidelines On Speaking To A Woman Who Is New In Islam For The Purpose Of Da'wah

Attending The Funeral Of A Non-Muslim Relative In The Church (Or Temple)

He Is Worried About The Corruption That His Child May Be Exposed To In Secondary School (High School)

Is It Permissible To Give A Kaafir Any Of The Udhiyah Meat? The Intention Loud When Slaughtering

She Was A Raafidi, Then Allah Blessed Her With Guidance But Her Family Will Not Let Her Marry A Sunni Man

She Wants To Marry A Married Man But The Law Does Not Permit Plural Marriage. What Should She Do

Marriage Of A Muslim Woman To A Non-Muslim Man Is Invalid And Intercourse With Him Is Zina

Muslim Woman's Hijab In Front Of Non-Muslim Women: Appearing In Front Of A Kaafir Woman Without Hijab

He Wants To Marry A Christian Woman And He Wants To Convince Her That It Is Forbidden To Keep A Dog In The House

Is A Muslim Who Does Not Follow The Teachings Of Islam Worse Than An Atheist?

Celebrating Valentine's Day: Fatwas Of Muslim Scholars Concerning Valentine's Day

Accepting A Gift From A Kaafir On The Day Of His Festival Such As Christmas

Ruling On Attending Festivals Celebrations Of The Kuffaar Such As Easter And Christmas

I Am Proud To Be A Traitor To America: Washington's Imperialism - The Greatest Tyrant Of Our Time

Major Canadian Christian Missionary Converts To Islam: Personal Story

The Hijab... Why? Part One: The Virtues Of Hijab - Ladies Views

The Gospels That Are Extant Nowadays Were Written After The Time Of 'Eesa (Peace Be Upon Him) And Have Been Tampered With A Great Deal

A Christian Is Asking, What Do You Do During The Month Of Ramadaan?

She Became Muslim But Her Family Do Not Know And They Want Her To Marry A Non-Muslim

The Merits Of Islam: Why Do Muslims Think That Islam Is True - Any Factual Basis?

Dealing In Alcohol, Supplies For Christian Holidays, Condoms And Cosmetic Creams

How Dr. Benoist Accepted Islam? Personal Account Of Conversion From Christianity

A 12-year-old Muslim Girl Whose Father Is An Atheist And Her Mother Is Christian; They Revile Her Lord And Her Prophet -- What Should She Do?

His Christian Family Start The Meal With A Supplication To Jesus; What Should He Do?

She Goes To Restaurants Or Playgrounds With Her Female Friends

How Austrian Mrs. Cecilla Cannoly Became Rashida: In Her Own Words

My Body Is My Business: Virtue Of Ladies In Hijab - Honour, Respect And Protection

Should He Encourage A Relationship Between A Muslim Man And A Kaafir Woman So As To Protect Her From Evil And Call Her To Good?!

Ruling On Promulgating Manmade Laws Is An Act Of Kufr - Consensus Of The Muslim Scholars

How Should He Deal With His Sisters Who Do Not Wear Full Hijab?

Is Hijab Obligatory For Beautiful Women Only Or For All Women?

My Path To Islam: The Miraculous Quran - Catholic From Spain To California

Ruling On A Man Kissing Or Hugging A Woman On The Grounds Of Friendship

Marrying An Ex-Christian Woman Who Has Become Muslim Recently And Has A Child

Describing Those Who Are Committed To The Religion As Fundamentalists And Extremists

He Is Studying In A Mixed University; How Should He Deal With Female Teachers And Students?

Why I Chose Islam (Based On A True Story): Born To Staunch Catholic Christian Family

Hesitation Of A Christian Woman Who Wants To Become Muslim, And She Is Asking About Her Relationship With Her Family

What Is More Stable In Islam, A Love Marriage Or An Arranged Marriage?

Women's Rights In Islam: Love, Mercy, Knowledge, Choice, Difference And Unity

Hijabed Like Me: A Non-Muslim Woman Experiments With Hijab

Clarification Of The Important Rule: It Is Haraam To Take Kaafirs As Close Friends And Protectors

Ruling On Objecting To Some Of The Shar'iah Rulings That Have Been Prescribed By Allaah

A New Muslim Wants To Learn The Religion, Doesn't Know Arabic

Can A Woman Look For Her Life Partner Herself? How A Woman Gets Married

She Formed A Relationship With A Man Over The Phone, And She Wants Advice

Why Is Hijaab So Important When It Is Not One Of The Pillars Of Islam?

Her Husband Drinks Alcohol - Is She Committing A Sin By Living Wth Him?

Why Does Islam Forbid Lesbianism And Homosexuality?

Hadeeth About Women Uncovering Their Faces - Da'eef - Contradicts Islamic Teachings

A New Muslimah Has Married A Muslim Man Without Her Family's Knowledge

Should He Sit With His Colleagues At Work When They Are Drinking Alcohol?

He Is Homosexual And Wants A Remedy: Nine Therapies For The Gays

Friendship And Love Between A Man And A Woman: First And Second Points

Better Muslim Than Gay: Muslim American Today - Annoyed? Sure

The Wisdom Behind The Islamic Laws Regarding Women Part Two

The Wisdom Behind The Islamic Laws Regarding Women Part One


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